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What is the Clipboard in an Operating System ?

The clipboard is a software facility that can be used for short-term data storage and/or data transfer between documents or applications, via copy and paste operations.
More details on wikipedia

What is a Clipboard Manager?

A clipboard manager is an application that adds functionality to an operating system's clipboard. Many clipboards provide only one buffer, overwritten by each new "copy" operation. The main task of a clipboard manager is to store data copied to the clipboard in a way that permits richer use of the data.
More details on wikipedia

What is Clipboard Manager And History ?

CM&H is a clipboard manager for iOS devices.
Left running in the background, whenever there is something that you would like filed where it can easily be found any time in future, just copy it (to the system clipboard) and CM&H will automatically file whatever is on the clipboard in its separate lists of texts, images or URLs.
Please read Help of "Strategies Analysis of System Clipboard" for more details.
You can also add items directly from within the program using the "plus button".
Once you have saved an item, you can edit it, delete, search, copy to system clipboard, send by mail, share on Facebook / Twitter and more.

Sorting and Searching of the Elements

Within CM&H the items are grouped by date (day) and can be sorted in ascending or descending.
Using the search box you can filter the items by name or content.

Copying portions of Web Pages (Safari)

CM&H currently does not support copying of all html elements, but only the text.
So if in Safari you select a portion of the page and then copy it, CM&H will fetch only the text (no layout or images).
If you want copy a single image, in Safari select the image (a long touch on it) you'll be prompted to copy or save in the gallery.
In this case, CM&H will fetch the image correctly.

Passcode Lock

CM&H has a 4-digit passcode due to the sensitive nature of what you could have copied along the way, including important banking information, passwords, or other things you don't want people to read/see.
To enable the passcode:

  1. Button 'Settings'
  2. Button 'Passcode Lock'
  3. Button 'Turn Passcode On'
  4. Enter a 4-digit code
  5. Re-enter the same 4-digit code

CM&H requires a passcode only at first start (not when it is resumed from the background). So after setting the passcode, you must terminate and restart CM&H.
After 10 unsuccessful attempts, the application must be terminated and restarted.

Address Book Section

CM&H accesses your address book and allows you to copy to system clipboard or send via email (in a easily understood format) all the details of your contacts.
If you copy the details of a contact to system clipboard, then you can paste them into any other application (eg Notes).

Alphabet Section

Have you ever wanted to write something on your device home screen? A nice phrase, a dedication?
Now, with Alphabet's icons, you can!
In this section you will find 70 symbols (letters, numbers, etc..), each in four different colors, with which you can enjoy.
Clicking on an icon will open a web page in Safari. Then, follow the instructions and you will have the icon on your home screen.

Other Questions ?

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