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iCloud Help

Be warned: Support for iCloud is still experimental !

If you encounter slowdowns or crashes, please turn it off !


How Enable iCloud

  1. Make sure you are logged into iCloud on both devices with the same iCloud account. You can verify that in the Settings App and iCloud.
  2. Make sure you allow apps to store documents and data in iCloud (Settings --> iCloud --> "Documents and Data" --> ON)
  3. Make sure both devices are running the current iOS versions and the same "Clipboard" version.
  4. Make sure both devices have set iCloud in Clipboard's Sync Strategy (Settings --> Clipboard --> Sync Strategy --> iCloud)
  5. Reboot the devices.
  6. Make sure both devices are connected to Wi-Fi
  7. Main Device: start "Clipboard" (if "Clipboard" freeze, do not worry)
  8. Wait a few moments
  9. Secondary device: Start "Clipboard"
  10. Wait a few moments (if "Clipboard" freeze, do not worry)
  11. Enjoy with iCloud

How Disable iCloud

  1. Terminate "Clipboard"
  2. Set "None" in Clipboard's Sync Strategy (Settings --> Clipboard --> Sync Strategy --> None)
  3. Start "Clipboard"

How Reset iCloud Container (Delete All iCloud Data)

If you encounter any problems with iCloud Sync

  1. Terminate "Clipboard" (all devices)
  2. Delete "Clipboard" data from iCloud (Settings --> iCloud --> "Storage and Backup" --> "Manage Storage" --> "Clipboard Manager and History" --> Edit --> Delete All)
  3. Set ON "Reset iCloud Container" (Settings --> Clipboard --> Sync Strategy --> "Reset iCloud Container") (all devices)
  4. Start "Clipboard" (all devices)