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Clipboard Manager and Histoy's Reviews

Clipboard Manager and History app for iPhone taps the unforeseen potential of your iPhone’s clipboard. It automatically scans iPhone’s clipboard means you don’t have to look anywhere for all those files that you’ve copied before. Further, you can edit it at will or remove it altogether from the device from within the app. SNS and email integration comes more than handy. Support for iOS makes it contemporary. The 4-digit passcode protection ensures that only you get to access your clipboard contents. Verdict: try it out!

Clipboard Manager and History is amazingly quick when it comes to keeping track of your system clipboard items. The scan upon entry produces new items almost instantaneously by showing a NEW tag on the categories that they fall in. A couple interesting tidbets is that Clipboard Manager and History allows to create an item from scratch and copy it to the system clipboard. So if you are looking to paste something many different times and therefore wanted it in the system clipboard, there is now a clever way to do it. That is great option for power users who depend on a high level of productivity. It is also worth mentioning that the app has a 4-digit passcode due to the sensitive nature of what you could have copied along the way, including important banking information, passwords, or other things you don’t want people to read/see.


Clipboard Manager est une app toute simple, mais il fallait y penser... C'est en gros un presse-papier pour votre appareil : Copiez, enregistrez et stockez du texte, des photos, ou des urls, et accédez-y quand vous voulez plus tard.

L'app peut même être utile pour vous créer des modèles de textos par exemple. En ce qui me concerne, je me suis rendu compte que j'écrivais souvent "Désolé, j'aurais un peu de retard... Je t'appelle quand je pars !" Et bien, au lieu d'arriver à l'heure et de ne plus devoir envoyer ce texto, j'utilise cette appli !

I possessori di iPhone ed iPad avranno certo notato l'assenza di un clipboard manager all'interno di iOS. Una soluzione veramente interessante può fornirvela Clipboard Manager and History.
Quest'applicazione, realizzata da uno sviluppatore italiano, è una soluzione semplice e veloce per archiviare in modo sicuro ed efficace testi, foto ed indirizzi web sul vostro iDevice.