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iAlcoholtest 1.7.1


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Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into an Alcohol Test (BAC Calculator) ...

iAlcoholTest  allows us to calculate an estimate of the concentration of alcohol in the blood drinking alcoholic drinks. The software is based on tables of the Italian Ministry of Health, whose parameters for the calculation of alcohol are sex and weight.

iAlcoholTest  allows us to manage the multiple profiles and provides an archive of tests carried out together with a description of the most common effects and sensations related to alcoholic-rate.

... And careful not to become a monkey! :)


  • Management of multiple profiles
  • The ranged weight changes from 40 to 140 kg (from 88 to 308 lb)
  • Save the tests (you’ll remember that night anyway)
  • Possibility to create arbitrary lists of alcoholics  that have been consumed: any combination of quantity and alcoholic strength. Nothing that has been set up before, you are the one who  knows what you have drunk (anyway a table with a summing up of the most common beverages is available)
  • Screen that associates to BAC the most common feelings and effects.
  • Visual test for the calculation of the reaction time
  • Estimated time required to get over the alcohol
  • Info about the alcoholic gradation of the more famous cocktails: Americano, Caipiroska, Long Island, Mojito, Negroni ...
  • Choose between different units: weight, quantity, alcoholic rate, concentration, speed, distance.
  • Export of data via email.